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Leiria Dental Clinic - Gândara dos Olivais

Gândara dos Olivais Dental Clinic is a young dental clinic that aims not only to treat its patients, but also to provide them with maximum well-being and good mood. In addition to functional and modern facilities, there was also the concern of being on the ground floor. In this way we can say with certainty that we are able to serve patients with physical disabilities.

We attach great importance to the human factor, which is why we also guarantee excellent care to make you feel good in our clinic. In order to make the whole process more comfortable for the patient, we have customized payment solutions to suit your needs.

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We invest in the quality of our technology and excellent professionals so that your smile is in good hands. Going to the dentist doesn't have to be a heavy burden, schedule a no-obligation diagnostic appointment at the Gândara dos Olivais Dental Medical Clinic, and see the difference a good medical team makes.

With a team of specialized professionals and the most modern equipment we have all the necessary means to provide the best dental services.

Make your appointment from Monday to Friday from 10h to 13h and from 14h30h to 19h30!

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